Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finally starting the good ole hunter blog!

So, I have finally started the old hunter blog to share my knowledge of the hunter class with others! I am sure you will find more technical savvy hunters out there, but I will gladly share my combat expertise with you. being actively in pvp, arena and raiding I have a couple of good practices I will share throughout.

I can start with the basics. My build, 0/26/35 is designed to compliment the Moonkin teammate I have in arena. Being a moonkin - survival hunter, we are probably the rarest arena team you can make! My build is designed to survive is probably the best description. I have very good crowd control in wyvern, plus trap cooldown reduction. Furthermore, scatter shot is the most pivotal hunter skill for my build.

Back in the day, scatter shot was the skilled hunters greatest tool. Now-a-days the old BM spec has simplified the hunter into a "spec BM or struggle in arena" class IMO. Not to say I struggle in arena....too much, but it would be much easier if a warrior couldn't slow me or anything for 18s of course :)

The other key to my spec is agility and crit. My agility hit 699 last night when Gruul dropped me a pair of delicious gloves (even Sadie thinks they are teh sexy). When i enchant them tonight (15 agility) I will eclipse 700 and hit 715 (finally). Now to start building on that to obtain 750, then later down the line possibly 800. With agility comes crit, so in addition the the 8% crit i get in talents, I am building more and more crit in gear as well. I am hovering at 27% now. That is the beauty of my spec, not only do i get grand agility, but also 10% boost to all stamina pieces as well. So, agility and stamina both get a slight compound for me!

Final Note: Patch 2.3! This patch is like a direct buff to my spec. Insta-Wyvern, better stings (already have improved) and the death of the dead-zone (maybe). So, things are looking even better for my spec! More to come, please feel free to ask any questions you may have!

I will also be posting, Paladin (51), Druid (49) and other possible alts I have the desire to reflect upon! Stay Tuned!