Friday, January 11, 2008

Arena Segment: Buying into resilience

So, as several of my goals are being met for my character, I finally spend my 70 Heroic badges, 4500 arena points and 32,000 honor points! Here are my purchases:
- Merciless Gladiator's Chain Helm (Enchant: +20 Shadow resistance)
- Merciless Gladiator's Chain Chest (Enchant: +6 Stats)
- Vengeful Gladiator's Chain Gloves( Enchant: +15 Agility)

- Sergeant's Heavy Cloak -for pvp- (Enchant: +12 Agility)
- Talisman of the Alliance (Trinket for arena and pvp)

- Bloodlust Broach (Trinket for PVE)
- Blood War Cloak -for PVE- (Enchant: +12 Agility)

As you can see, I like to make my changes in groups for a more dramatic effect :) In acquiring these items I have now achieved these stats"
PVE Gear:
801 Agility!
I can go two different ways in trinket choice:
A) 32.04% crit and 1714 RAP
B) 30.84% Crit and 1766 RAP
Oddly, B is the likely choice because that trinket lasts 5 seconds longer on its 200 RAP boost.
I am also nearing 11k health (10,650 now)
Arena + PVP gear:
I actually enter pvp and arena with 774 agility still!
Most importantly: 221 resilience! Up from 65!!!
Crit and RAP = 31.14% and 1710 RAP

I would link all of my items, but sadly the proxy at work will not allow it! :(

I noticed an immediate difference in the battlegrounds. Namely being able to fight MS warriors and locks with much better proficiency! Also, we went 9-3 in arena this week, losing to Paladin feral druid twice oddly enough. Our third loss came to a team way higher rated (10 arena point loss) So, all in all, things are looking up :)

My arena teammate has always believed in resilience, but I was stubborn until these upgrades. Not because I didn't believe it was powerful, but because I was not a fan of two sets of gear for the hunter (which I am still not). Good news for me, the two sets really only consist of trinket changes and a cloak change, which is very refreshing :)

As I get my practice in I will keep our progress updated! :) I am sure we can prove a non-resto druid, non-ms warrior....well, a non-bandwagon team can win in arena :) Watch out for the hybrid hunter - Moonkin! :)

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