Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why do I use an Agility build?

Ok, so when my gear and spec are looked at, it may beg the question, why have I built my character around agility? it is based solely on common sense and a little bit of the desire to be extreme.

#1 Reason: Logic
Agility provides me with everything a hunter may need; dodge, crit, atp and armor. So, not only do I survive longer, but I also increase my dps. In pve, agility has provided me with the opportunity to output large dps through crit and a respectable attack power rating. Now, in pvp, agility has a more dramatic effect. Not only am I critting near 30% of the time, but I am also dodging close to 30% of the time. When I reach a point where wyvern sting, my trap and deterrence have all reached their cooldown, those extra dodge % points really start to matter and save my life. Nothing like dodging something when below 10% health.

#2 Reason: Being extreme
In pvp, no matter how geared you get, or how good you get at your class, the gaps remain small between great pvp'rs are average ones. In essence, you have to really set yourself apart from the crowd to have a dramatic advantage. For example, for those of you who love to "twink" a character. How does Kang the decapitator feel from a mortal strike warrior or from a nice critting windfury? That weapon sets those characters apart from the crowd. So, I looked at my class for a long while and decided on two things: Scatter shot will likely always be with me -and- the 15% agility points are underrated. That being said, I have become a hybrid hunter (0/26/35) and utilizing the two tools I find to be perfect for my style of play. Just for fun, I also now have wyvern sting! :) As my gear upgrades and I grow my agility, I am sure eventually when I can find a way to hit 900 agility, everything else will come along with it (the hp and mp more specifically).

#3 Reason: My build and my arena team
As mentioned above, my build is designed to compound my agility by 15% (not to mention my stamina by 10% as well). So, by design I am tailored for agility! In addition to that, my arena team is one that is probably the rarest. Survival hunter + Moonkin, how often have you seen that combination? In this team I have 1 job....survive. My moonkin shadowmelds and I make myself the bait. It is my only goal to create as much chaos and do as much burst as I can while my moonkin burns down our opposition (which surprisingly the moonkin is IMO one of the best at - spells for heavy armor and trees for light, good luck surviving him!). My agility has provided me with a decent armor, dodge approaching 40% in Monkey and not to mention the ability to throw decent damage out in a short period of time!

Side note: If you ever create an arena team like mine, please do not argue that the moonkin should be the bait. Believe me, through countless arena matches we have discovered the hunter is far superior at surviving than a moonkin. In addition to that, resistances mean very little in arena, so the moonkin spell dps is boss over your physical. Sooooo, granting your moonkin the free dps rain until the other 2 tricksters get their sorts will prove quite successful!

Live in the agility world! 800, here I come! (749 now!)

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