Thursday, November 20, 2008

Initial wrath thoughts

Well, first of all: Holy crap, 1.5 million Xp to level! :D

Second, wow, wow and wow. I truly think blizzard got this expansion right. Beautiful scenery and much more involved quests has created a new fun experience for the game. I have had this much fun since I created my first character!

My favorite experiences thus far:

- Cruising in on the stormwind pimp boat and seeing the Fjord for the first time.

- The Fjord quests! Talk about a new type of fun. Training a hawk, flying on an arrow and turning into a bird were my favorite!

- The Tuskar. I don't know what it is...I just want to be their friends! :)

- Riding on my first mammoth. Talk about cool. Did you know you can use the vendors on them!?

- Leveling the gorilla is crazy fun. 7 mobs? No problem.

- Actually taking time for screenshots and looking at the scenery. Waterfalls, cliffs...finally some stuff worth the time to look at.

- Getting the "Touring the Fjord" achievement passively. That's the achievement for doing nearly all of the Howling Fjord quests...yeah, that place is that fun!

- Being the only person who leveled herbalism in outland for 30 minutes to 400...thus being the only one able to herbalize most herbs the first few days! (maxed already!)

- Seeing Sadie in the snow! Where she belongs!

I am sure many more good times are ahead. I definitely rate Wrath as a 10/10 thus far. Now I just have to find time to play more!

Also, Death Knight is crazy fun! Delos has a great review drawn up for all to see!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Preparing for the Wrath ! ! !

So, the big day is like 36 hours away now. How excited are YOU?! Like, 'a gerbil with a new tube to run in' excited -or- just a 'toll booth worker being paid with a $2 bill' excited? Either way, I think we can all have some level of excite for new content to our game!

I personally have a lot I look forward to doing!

- First, I am going to be the explorer. No wowhead searches and google searches to help me on my quests. I am gonna go old school and simply track and find what I need to find.

- Try out Death Knight, our new class! This class seems quite interesting and it will be interesting to see how much fun it may be. I am hoping it is extremely difficult to play!

- Continue to save gold and reach 15k and 20k for the first time! (current I sit at about 11.5k...somehow)

- Level 4 pets at the same time. Come on, it can't be that hard...

- Decide on my permanent pets...Cat, Gorilla...who knows what else! Chimera maybe?

- Level my Pally as retribution, protection and holy to learn the new design of all the builds. And hopefully find the one I like the most!

- Somehow level my druid and my DK??? Ha!

Well, other than that, I pretty much have no other plans! My main goal is to enjoy the WoW the way I used to. Before grinding became the staple of my game play. Whether it be pvp grind, arena grind, raid grind or daily quest becomes a revolving door sometimes. I want to remember why WoW is fun again! :)

So, midnight nerdathon is almost here! Wownerds unite! The Autobots look ready!