Friday, March 27, 2009

My my, the time flies!

I am so lazy and for this I am semi-apologetic... I have had so much to blog about and so much going on that...I didn't blog? Yeah, about some updates?

- So, Nomakk is now Survival and Marksman dancing. I try both depending on my mood (god will dual specs make this cheaper!!). I like Survival for arena/pvp and Marksman for raiding. Something about the involved nature of Marksman just keeps me coming back.

- I recently did Refer-a-friend with Delos and we hit 60 last night! yay! So, he then proceeded to gift me 30 levels on my alt as well. What does this all mean? It means I have a level 60 mage and a level 60 shaman! Both horde! Mwuhahah? Yes! Big thanks to The Zilla for all of her help!

- Nomakk can do 3k dps in a 25 man raid! Yay!

- I only do 2 raids. Vault and the Sanctum. It will likely stay that way. I am so over the whole 5 hour raiding nights. I like short and sweet...period.

- Thank god for arena season 6 changes! I would go deeper, but you can just visit Delos' blog (linked above) for the details! Let's just say I am finally ready to take arena seriously again!

More to come, someone cleanse my laziness!