Monday, April 28, 2008

AV- Secrets revealed!

So, last night I decided to try and do the AV battleground daily quest. I remember a time, back in the day where winning AV was just plain easy. Horde somehow couldn't dominate the only BG involving something multi-dimensional. Which made AV your consolation BG when you lost a 2 hour wsg 0-3 for 125 honor or got your 20 AB marks in 18 AB's.

I digress. So, I am sick of the horde turtle we have to face now-a-days in AV. This led me to take my (under-geared, all blue's) 70 Pally and say "fine, I am going straight for the frostwolf relief hut to open". I mean, I am a pally, I can get there faster than anyone else and if all else fails I will be an annoying immune bubble for 12s of fun! Low and behold, I get to the relief hut and kill the 4 guards and take it. No horde, so I take both towers. Two horde come, but luckily, all the people dying at the next closest GY (the turtle spot) are now rezzing at the relief hut. Both towers turn, we drop Drek and what do ya know, the alliance wins with 415 reinforcements remaining! Wow, that seemed too easy.

Let's revisit on Nomakk (can a Hunter do this as well?). So, this time I get to the relief hut with much more of an annoyance on the way, so it takes me an extra 3 or 4 minutes due to a pesky mage and a pesky Shaman who died for the glory of Drek! Again, I took the relief hut, grabbed one tower (luckily a fancy ice mage took the other for me) and played the waiting game. After killing the mage and Shaman a few times, some real horde finally came. It was nice to farm them on the ramp like they do us so often. I would say at the peak of the battle it was 10 alliance vs 15 horde. To their shame, we dominated them. In most part because half of them simply tried to run to Drek's room mounted (fools!).

Alliance won again, with 350 reinforcements left this time. Isn't it amazing to think that you can sway a battle by simple taking your weakness (too susceptible to a turtle) and making it a strength (make the death at the turtle automatically HAVE to come to you by take the hut)? By default, the turtle is fueling the Drek engagement force. I will test it more and more in the coming days, but it truly felt like alliance knew the better strategy last night. Not to mention in both battles the honor output was 500-ish without it being AV weekend. I will do more to see if it is truly a new solution!

Monday, April 21, 2008

And so on. . .

Have you ever read something you wrote and couldn't figure out how it came out that way? Well, anyway, I feel like I write to myself on this blog sometimes, but that shouldn't stop me should it? I mean, I do enjoy my awesomeness on most days.

Well, for Nomakk, things have been going pretty well. Nice bow, nice pvp and pve gear, blah blah. I find he has started to feel a lot like a daily grind instead of fun. I am thinking a flask and 30 healing pots are in order and to hop in wsg and be "that guy" that people think is cheap for a while!

Estario, my Pally alt is finally 70. I had carefully acquired all the reputations needed for my 5/5 pvp blue set while leveling, so his gear isn't completely worthless. I also decided that until I have a nice pvp set, I will use better heal gear and spec. Then, when the gear is there, I will switch to a shockadin build.

In other news, I may finally level a horde beyond 18! (As much as I pvp, I would probably have more fun with a horde main) Apparently bloggers unit in a guild called "Pox Arcanum" and play a structured and planned play style ( it seems fun. It will be my first troll and first serious shaman! I find that lowbie + friends = remembering why warcraft is fun. So, look forward to those crazy adventure ridden times ahead!