Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Comments = blog post

I was typing a response to Lienna and Kordwar and realized it was enough for a decent blog entry, so here it is!

@ Lienna - I have thought of using volley too, but when you do, your shot rotation stops and in my opinion you hurt your dps. Explosive shot allowed you to keep your shot rotation in full flow.

@ Kordwar (and Lienna really) - I agree that explosive shot breaking aoe can make it hard to use at times, but that is the beauty of being survival. If your group has to CC, then use arcane shot for that engagement.

Also, aoe tanking is stellar now compared to BC. Warriors, pallies and DK's are just amazing at aoe tanking (I don't see many bear tanks these days). I have not done a WotLK heroic yet, but I have not had to cc enough to see the splash of explosive shot being worth losing. Especially when we all know that a good smart hunter can cc away from the tank easily :)

I guess I am just disappointed to lose something I enjoyed so very much. Being THE aoe hunter build was just so appealing. For all I know, the Flame shot may hit hard enough to make it fun and still appealing. Im just still in the shock period right now. Really, it would be the same as the Retribution paladin's getting their Divine storm cut back to just hit a single target -or- a Druids Starfall being downgraded to a single target ability. Those would probably bother the moonkins and Ret pallies of the world.

I will probably get over it...I mean, what is more fun that 1500 agility, right?


lienna said...

My shot rotation provides (in 10 man naxx with awful class balance) around 2500 dps.

Volley does (post patch) around 800 damage hits, 1800 damage crits, assume 30% crit rate that's 1100 dps per target.

Give me 3 targets and volley is greater than my normal rotation, so I'm more than happy to swap over.

Volley is our aoe, its good, you'll adjust to it in time. Explosive shot's aoe wasn't good, unless you tab-targeted 3 mobs after a lock and load to stack it.

Nomakk said...

I guess being an avid pvp'r, I was more in love with explosive shot than most. Explosive shot allows me to stay mobile and hit 20 horde at a time. Also, I can shadowmeld, feign and the like while still bringing the rain.

I am sure I will realize how right you are eventually, but for now I will stubbornly pout as I try to re-learn how to make my arrows explode :P

Anonymous said...

"Also, I can shadowmeld, feign and the like while still bringing the rain."

Nerf Nomakk =P

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